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Place Adsense Ad Below Blogger Post Title


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Adsense Ads are used to monetization our blogs or sites and make income through ads. Bloggers can make more money with Adsense with their traffic. Place Adsense Ad Below Blogger Post Title makes the ad more effective to generate more income. So here we are going to make placement of AdSense ads below blogger post title.

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Here are Steps to Place Adsense Ad Below Blogger Post Title 

1. Create Ad Unit on Google Using Adsense Account. (How to Create Google Ads?)
2. Convert Ad codes using this HTML Parse Tool. And copy converted codes.
3. Login to Blogger Dashboard.
4. Click Themes > Backup/Restore and Backup your current template.
5. Click Edit HTML.

Place Adsense Ad Below Blogger Post Title

6. Press CTRL + F inside codes and find <data:post.body/>.
7. Now Paste Converted code above <data:post.body/>.
    If not work on first  <data:post.body/> then find other  <data:post.body/> and paste above it.
8. Save Template and check your blog.

Place Adsense Ad Below Blogger Post Title

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  1. Well thats one hefty tips to get adsense up ans running sangita. This is something i did with my own site