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Clash of Clans New x-mas Updates

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New Troop levels, Defense levels, Archer Queen and Barbarian King New levels and much much more are on Clash of Clans new x-mas updates!

Here are major Clash of Clans New x-mas updates.

Barbarian King -  level 41 to 45
Archer Queen -  level 41 to 45
Hog - level 7
Golem - level 6
Clan Castle - level 7
Poison Spell - level 5
Wall - level 12
Wizard Tower - level 10


Witch damage and hit points increased.
Balloon, Dragon and P.E.K.K.A. attack speed improved.
Some Upgrade Costs and time reduced.

Watch all Clash of Clans New x-mas Updates on this video below.

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