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How to Install fonts on PC?

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To write document or create art design in different style you need to different type of fonts. Well now you have to search font from the different web sites. Don't worry google help you to reach suitable site and we give you instruction to install fonts on PC.

1. Find out your fonts from websites (type font name on google and it shows recommended sites)

2. If your download file is in archive extract it

There is Many ways to install fonts. Here are methods to install fonts on PC.

Method 1

Use Control Pannel to install Fonts.

1. Copy fonts

Install fonts on PC

2. Go To Control panel

3. Clicks on fonts 

Install fonts on PC

4. Paste the fonts.

Method 2

Install Fonts From windows folder

1. Copy Fonts

2. Go to C Driver < Windows < Fonts 

3. Paste fonts there.

Method 3

Direct install fonts

1. Right Click on fonts and click on Install

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