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Saturday, June 11, 2016

How To Make Computer Faster?

Is your computer running slow as usual. here are some tips for how to make computer faster ?

1. Restart your computer

When you Restrat your computer it delete temporary file which is store in cache and also it stop un-necessary application

2.Check your hard disk space

Low hard disk space also make computer slowdown, delete un-necessary file from your hard disk and also remove not needed program from control panel

3.Stop un-necessary services from the windows services

Sometime background application are run in your computer which is really not needed to be run so remove stop that application from the service windows
which you found in 

control panel < Administrator tool < services

4. Delete temporary file

Delete all temporary file from your windows temp folder which . To open temp folder

press ctrl+ R < type %temp% and enter

and delete all file from there

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