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Hard Drive Data Recovery Process


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Every Computers’ Storage devices has  a life but some time due to the many reason data may be corrupted or hard drive may caused damaged and get on trouble on recover file . Some file or data are very important they really arias trouble in daily life.  But there is some technology which helps to recover data from hard drive.  Hard drive data recovery process help us to get our loss data back again.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Process

First you have to know how Hard drive data may caused crashed and damaged. There is many type of damaged. Some main type of hard drive or file damaged are

1. Physical Damage.

Physical damage happen by the water or other liquid spoil on hard drive, by over heating or sometime causes by the electronic  shock all of this caused damaged on the electronic parts of hard drive. This type of damage is more dangerous than other type of damage.

2. Logical Damage.

This type of damaged caused by the crashed on software or crashed due to viruses or other threats. 

3. Mechanical Failure.

This may be happen by input/output error or may be caused by failure on some part of CPU. It show or indicate by some noise sound.

If some file are crashed or hard drive data crashed there is also have a option to  recover it.The process of recover is Hard Drive Data Recovery. There is some technology and technique for hard drive data recovery . Some of the mostly use useful tools are

1. Wise Data Recovery  Get it From Official Site

You need to download it from  websites and it is a free recovery tool. Just install It and follow the instruction wizard.

2. SalvageData Recovery Get it From Official Site

One of most useful and  paid recovery tool. It is most effective recovery tool. If  you are looking for one time recovery it gives you on free hard drive recovery . it gives you a free trail for one time recovery.

3. Free Undelete. Get it From Official Site

It is a deleted file recovery tool . Remember that it never recover the physical and crashed file. This tool only work for deleted data recovery  even you delete from recycle bin too.  This tool scan the hard drive for recover and show the deleted file on grid and give option to recover file. 

4. Secure Data Recovery Get it From Official Site

This is also payable recovery tool you can download it from websites. This tool recover both physical and logical and mechanical damage.

5. Pandora Recovery  Get it From Official Site

It comes with many customer recovery option and on depth scanning capabilities. You can scan both NTFS and FAT32 type file, you have a option on it how you want to recover it.

6. Minitool Partion Recovery Get it From Official Site

It is a good tool for hard drive recovery.  if you need  scan on depth  and it can recover all type of file. It is good too because it’s a free tool too but in free package you have limited scan size (Up to 1GB). If you need to recover more than limited you have to purchase it.

7. Drive savers. Get it From Official Site

It can work on both physical and logical hard drive damage and it scan all type files system.

These are some software to hard drive data recovery.  Some software gives limited offer  for this hard drive data recovery services. And some are free to hard drive data recovery.

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