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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sample Cover Letter To Register Free .np Domain Name.

Many of us want to register free .np domain name but don't know how to write a cover letter which need to register free .np domain name. So, here I share that cover letter which I submit to register my own domain name

Remember That :

Cover letter should be written by hand.
Scan that cover letter on jpeg image format and rename as yourdomain_coverletter.
Only use own name on domain name that exactly match with nationality.
Check Term and Conditions.Check which domain extensions available for you.

Sample Cover Letter To Register Free .np Domain Name

Here is Sample Cover Letter to register free .np domain name.

To,                                                                                                  Date : ........................
The Host Master
Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd.
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu Nepal

Dear Sir/Madam
I would like to register .np domain name. I have already submitted the domain registration online form. I have attached the scan copy of my citizenship with this application.

I will happy if you register my .np domain name as soon as possible. Thank you for considering my application.

Domain Name : ....................

Your Sincerely   
(Your Full Name)
(Your Sign)    


  1. Thanks for so much for your useful article. I was tired renewing my domain but you helped me to register my np domain.

    1. Thanks for visit and for your comment.
      Keep visiting :)

  2. Hello Sangitab Team, It's Really good to see this article. Here is a Np domain letter cover Letter generator. I think it would be easiest for your visitors too.
    I really Love the way you share these contents. Keep Up!


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