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How to get Hosted Google Adsense Account?

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Before read this article, Read Basic Information about Hosted and Non Hosted Google Adsense Account.

Google changed the requirements to approve Adsense on YouTube. So, this method does not work nowadays.

It is very simple and very easy to get Hosted Google Adsense Account. Follow the following steps to get Hosted Google Adsense Account :

1. Create a Natural Video, like parties, celebrations and any others.

2. Go to YouTube and login with your gmail ID which you want to make Hosted Google Adsense Account.

3. Upload your Video on YouTube.

4. Click on "My Channel" > "Video Manager" or use this link My Videos

Create Hosted Google Adsense Account

5. Click on "Monetization" and active it as shown on picture.

Create Hosted Google Adsense Account

That's all. Your Hosted Google Adsense Account is Ready to use.
We can make money using Hosted Adsense Account by Uploading Videos on Youtube also.

Remember that video doesn't include any copyright materials like songs before apply.

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