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70 Paisa Call From NTC to NTC Mobiles. NTC FNF Services Postpaid and Prepaid.

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Nepal's biggest Telecom Company Nepal Telecom added new services for their user called FNF Services. FNF Services is stand for Friends And Family which facility is for Postpaid and Prepaid users. With this services we can make call at 70 Paisa from NTC to NTC Mobiles for certain numbers. We have to active this service and choose 5 Numbers for Prepaid and Postpaid too. Postpaid user make call less then 70 Paisa with this service. Previously this service is only for Postpaid Mobile Users which included only 3 numbers but now FNF Service is available for both NTC Prepaid and Postpaid users and include 5 numbers for FNF Services.

NTC FNF Services

To make Call at 70 Paisa From NTC to NTC Mobiles follow the following steps :

For Prepaid Users

- Go to Message Box
- Type "FNFSUB*PhoneNo." to subscribe this service.
- Send to "1415"

To add New PhoneNo.
- Type "FNFAdd*PhoneNo."
- Send to "1415"
We can add only 5 numbers on this services.

To modify PhoneNo.
- Type "FNFMod*OldPhoneNo.*NewPhoneNo.
- Send to "1415"

To delete PhoneNo.
- Type "FNFDEL*PhoneNo."
- Send to "1415"

To get list of FNF Members
- Type "FNFINQ"
- Send to "1415"

For Postpaid User

- Go to Message Box
- Type FNF Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5
- Send to "1400"

To get list of FNF Members
- Type "FNF"
- Send to "1400"

Enjoy Call at 70 Paisa From NTC to NTC Mobiles By Active FNF Services for your favourite person and numbers.

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